Sukhoi SU26M Flight Notes

Posted on February 16, 2013 by John



This Sukhoi SU-26M is from Value hobby and it saw it’s first flight at Sierra Vista’s Bollin Airfield on Friday Feb 15, 2013.

The Value hobby website recommended build out indicates using the G25 sized motor but the instruction manual that came with with the plane specs out the GForce 15, which I  used, along with an 8×10 prop,  achieving an overall excellent result.

I re-purposed a Great Planes SS45 ESC from an old plane I had.  Servos are all Hitec HS-5065 for the aileron and elevator and a HS-5245 for the rudder.  The battery was a Turnigy nano-tech 3S 5,000mAh.

I don’t have specifics written down, but the plane weighed ~4-4.5lb AUW. The power combo made ~550watts at approximately 40AMPS.

I am impressed with the build of the plane and its handling in the air so far.  There are only  two complaints at this point:

  1. The wings did not line up easily when being attached to the fuselage.  It’s not a big deal, and once lined up properly, they do fasten securely.
  2. The default attachment method for the main wheels has a tendency to self tighten over time.  This can lead to an inadvertent braking action that could cause problems. I am looking at replacing the main gear (which is fairly flimsy) with something more rigid and that will allow the use of true axles and collars for attaching the wheels.

The Sukhoi only has 2 flights on it to date and those consisted solely of basic flight testing and trimming.  A better arrangement for anchoring the battery down needs to be installed so the plane will be ready for some more unusual flight attitudes.