PT-20 Build – Intro

Posted on March 24, 2013 by John

PT-20 Build - Box Art

PT-20 Build – Box Art

The subject of this build is the Great Planes PT-20 Kit. I haven’t built a kit in a couple of years – so this seemed a simple enough subject to get back to building with. I intend to convert this from glow to electric during the build and will elect to assemble with the sport ‘B’ wing option from the plans.

This kit has been in my possession for quite some time – it moved to Arizona with me about 5 years ago and had been in storage back in Georgia for a while too. Like many who enjoy building kits, I bought this one knowing that I didn’t have time for it ‘right now’ but that – someday – it would eventually get built. Because it had been in storage for so long, I did find some of the die-cut sheets bowed or warped in the box (shame on me.) Those that could be straightened were, and the few parts that were twisted just a bit too much, I made replacements cut from balsa stock so the build could proceed.

I do not intend to get into a lot of detail – regurgitating the assembly manual – but I will post progress photos and any technical issues I encounter and how I resolved them.

Flying soon at an airfield near you.