RC Highlights (19 OCT 2013)

Here is another compilation of various clips from today’s action.

Brandon’s First Video

One of our local flyers is only 11 years old and has made a lot of progress since he first started.  We loaned him the use of a HobbyKing 720P wing camera to capture a flight on his Big Stik so he could show his mother what he can do.

GoPro Hero3 Test Flight

Even though the weather was poor, I just had to get out and test my new GoPro Hero3 camera.  I attached it my Multiplex Easy Star II using the same tripod mount as the Hero2.  While the height and width of the new camera is about the same, the depth and weight are significantly less than the Hero2.  This is a nice change, especially on such a light airframe, and the performance increase was immediately noticeable.

With the heavy overcast and intended manuevers, I chose to use the camera’s 720P@120fps mode in an effort to capture everything smoothly.  That it did.  I am impressed with the video quality improvement over the Hero2.  It is not a revolutionary leap but still worthwhile.  I look forward to getting more footage from a variety of platforms filming different situations and locales.